What’s your challenge?

What is your challenge? Are you in need of a coherent story, are you keen to create future scenarios for your organisation or line of business, are you in need of a future vision or new worldview, or do you need to create a story to involve your team in your mission? The Stories for Change tool is a format you can use for various kinds of questions. Join our masterclass to learn this method’s allround purpose.

A step-by-step method

Every story must contain a certain form of logic. Otherwise, you cannot follow it, transfer it, or apply it. Even in the ancient times, Aristoteles used narrative structures to transfer knowledge, building on three elements: ethos, logos and pathos. Stories for Change is a step-by-step method to apply these three elements to build a credible, logical and emotional storyline.

Stories for Change also provides guidance on how to develop an exponential mindset – the belief we can achieve things that can scarcely be imagined – by building an argument that supports your vision and desired change and translates this into a meaningful story that can be shared.

Join our masterclass

We welcome you to one of our masterclasses. Please check out our dates here, and register (we’ll direct you to our eventbrite website).

In the class you’ll learn:

  • how to create ‘stories for change’, or ‘future scenarios’
  • when and how to apply Stories for Change
  • to build an argument to empower your desired future standpoint
  • how to create a logical and compelling 8-step story, and what it does to an audience

For whom is this masterclass?

Experienced strategists, change facilitators or trainers, interested in how to use storytelling techniques to facilitate change. 

An enchanting playground!

  • The classes in Amsterdam, nearby Central Station in the inspiring ‘Home of Radical Innovation – Spring House’.
  • Of course we’ll provide drinks, snacks & light dinner
  • Bring your notebook, leave your laptop