.. the tool

Stories for Change is a tool that has been used by many organisations all over the world for over 10 years. To create future scenarios, and to create space for solutions in doing so. This has helped many corporations in seeking a more meaningful future position and to create breakthrough innovation strategies accordingly. The storytelling part in the structure helped to bring people along on the new journeys the companies sought, to catalyse change. Only recently the tool is successfully used for leadership development, emphasising the story outline even further.

The original name for the tool is ‘Wheel of Reasoning’, and was created by Arjan Postma and Jörgen van der Sloot. A word of thanks to them both for licensing the tool under creative commons and for sharing their knowledge and insights. It is up to you all to play with the tool, and bring change in your teams, organisations, businesses, for the greater good. The instruction of how to use the tool is a joined effort of working with various facilitators and partners over the years.

.. the team

We are a network of strategic facilitators and creatives that have been questioning our financial, media, retail, travel, education – leaders for the last couple of years on their vision of the future and their strategy to engage that future with their companies and customers. There was one thing that triggered us: they all agreed that the success of creating a more beautiful future lies in those that have the imagination to dream and the guts to act. So jump down the rabbit hole with us, and find your own pathway to your future.

.. the instructor

For the last couple of years, Yvette Pasman has been challenging people to re-connect with each other and the changing world we live in, to be able to anticipate to change sooner and more meaningful, in various types of pressure-cooking settings and transformation programs.

She has has helped numerous organisations such as Shell, KPN, Telegraaf Media Group, Natuurmonumenten, Essent, Amsterdam UMC, Deloitte, the Municipality of Amsterdam, with co-creating future vision and innovation strategies, using the power of storytelling to drive change. She is an experienced teacher: from teaching students from the Amsterdam College about scenario planning to training executives about moonshot thinking and the power of questions.

Coming from over 13 years of experience working as a strategic planner in advertising, Yvette has seen many companies and their challenges. With this masterclass, she provides the opportunity to impact people to become facilitators of change themselves, with the means to create a more sustainable movement.

Yvette in actie