Get comfortable with change

Stories give meaning

Stories are from all times. They help us to create meaning to our lives. Stories help us understand, give hope, give structure and connect with other worlds. They are the earliest form of communication over time. It’s our mysterious glue >>

Framework for storytelling

Each and every story needs a certain type of reason. Any other way, it’s impossible to follow it, transfer it, or apply it. Stories of Change are built upon the three elements of narrative structure –ethos, logos and pathos, creating a framework for storytelling. We will start with >>

Get started!

What is your challenge? Are you in need of a coherent story, are you keen to create future scenarios for your organisation or line of business, are you in need of a future vision or new worldview, or do you need to create a story to involve your team in your mission? Join our masterclass to learn this methods allround purpose.

Why us?

We’ve helped numerous national and international organisations with co-creating future vision and innovation strategies, using the power of storytelling to drive change. Our facilitators are experienced teachers: from teaching students about scenario planning to training executives in moonshot >>.

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